Our Values And Our Mission

The values of the Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company are rooted in the following statements

Thinking globally acting locally

We believe that the successful conservation of a healthy bee population is critically fundamental to the welfare of people world-wide – and that efforts to ensure that we keep bees healthy needs to start at home.

Educating for sustainability

We recognise that many young people grow up not knowing about the importance of bees and we are dedicated to addressing this issue.

Producing healthy food

We know that locally produced honey is a ‘super food’ with immense benefits that can contribute to critical issues concerned with the health & welfare of people living in the South Wales Valleys area and beyond.

With our values in mind our mission as a community enterprise can be stated as being as follows:

The Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company is dedicated to making the South East Wales Valleys a bee friendly & bee aware zone!

The Team



Project Manager

Founder of the company Lorne east has lived in the Sirhowy valley all of his life and after being a hobbyist beekeeper for many years realised that not that many people knew the importance of our Honeybees and so decided to create SVHC to educate people old and young.

The Big Dane

The Big Dane

Bodyguard and bee scarer

Hi my name is George and I am Lorne’s faithful companion who goes beekeeping every day throughout the Spring and Summer season.

I don’t really like bees so I am happy strolling and exploring   the fields where the Apiaries are whilst my master does his hive inspections.