Sirhowy Valley Honey Bee

Making a difference in the community one hive at a time

Who are we?

We are Sirhowy Valley Honey Bee Company (SVHC) limited based in Wyllie nr Blackwood,  the heart of the Sirhowy valley, South East Wales, Gwent county.

SVHC was set up as a social enterprise a profit-making company with wider social objectives concerned with raising awareness amongst young people  and old (primarily schoolchildren) about the importance of pollinators (honey bees in our case).

Our main objective is to deliver our uniquely designed educational workshop to local schools as a form of alternative learning.  A bolt on practical workshop for teachers to use alongside standard curriculum teaching aids to meet the national curriculum.

Some of the things we do

Do you have an infestation of bees in your home or garden?

Bees do a great job of pollenating plants and flowers especially on allotments

Once the bees have produced enough honey we can remove the full honeycombs from the hive

Contact us as we will get suited up and assess the situation for you

If you want us to we can provide you with a live bee hive on your allotment or land to help pollenate the plants your growing

We have the facility to extract the honey from ours and your hives with state of the art equipment

If you have a bee hive present we can remove this safely for you

The bees do all the hard work pollenating the plants and also start to produce honey

When we've extracted the honey we bottle it up and can supply local shops and restaurants who are interested in our great tasting REAL HONEY

If you require an emergency call out for a bee infestation please call us on 07507108563